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Being the change in the world I want to see.

James believes his purpose on Planet Earth is to serve others by being a loving, passionate, and powerful example of how to live a productive, meaningful, and positive life. He does that by cultivating amazing relationships, producing inspiring content, and personally working with those in need.

He’s spent his entire life dedicated to the welfare of others, especially in times of crisis. It’s had such a profound impact on him, that he now shares his experiences through writing and speaking in an effort to encourage others to abandon the selfie-centered way of life, and recapture their humanity. 

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Leading by example by serving when called.

After deploying to Haiti in 2010 to help the survivors of the earthquake that leveled the small Caribbean country and killed more than 300,000 people, James founded Boots on the Ground, an international humanitarian aid organization that provides assistance required to sustain life, facilitate recovery, and to encourage and promote long-term development, stability, and peace. As a medic with more than two decades of field experience, James has helped countless people in need in scores of countries.

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James L. Clark is the director of Boots on the Ground, a humanitarian organization that helps in underserved areas.

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James believes relationships are one of most important keys to living a successful life. In keeping with that philosophy, he tries to stay personally available to anyone who reaches out to him. The quickest way to do that is to use this form.

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