James L. ClarkBeing The Change I Want To See In The World

Lou Ferrigno remarked that James is “…a true American hero. We need more people like him.” But James doesn’t see himself that way at all. In fact, far from it. He’s just a normal guy who’s had extraordinary opportunities to be apart of other people’s lives.
“James is a superb individual whom I know will continue to powerfully contribute to the communities he serves. I have huge respect for his commitment to serving others in time of need.” Senator Bill Frist
“As a former Naval Aviator, test pilot, and astronaut, I understand the importance of meticulous observation skills, an excellent ability to communicate, a keen attention to detail, and the ability to perform to exacting standards; these are characteristics required in achieving success in demanding and high-risk endeavors.  Characteristics I not
only highly value, but have seen demonstrated by James.”
 John Herrington

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


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