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0004 – Being Wrong is Awesome


Something wonderful happens when you can admit being wrong: you learn to get out of your own way and that will help you learn, grow, and succeed.

November 2015

0003 – Identifying and Overcoming a Bad Attitude


Studies indicate that 7 out of 10 people who lose their jobs, lose it because of a bad attitude. In fact, a bad attitude comes second only to lacking the requisite skills needed to actually perform the job for the reason people are fired. Your attitude is can open or close doors. Your attitude can keep or destroy relationships. Your attitude impacts, for the good or bad, every aspect of your life. In this episode of Head Change, James discusses ways to identify a bad attitude in yourself and others, and provides actionable ways you can overcome them including building mantras and attribute affirmations so you can be more today than you were yesterday.

0001 – Introduction


Living a life of significance and purpose doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a skill that you can learn and it’s in reach of anyone who

March 2012

Twitter Update

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I just added a new script that will send whatever I post here in my blog to Twitter, then to Facebook. And another script that